Financial Advisory Services

As an inspiring division leader and the trusted advisors for the most demanding and sophisticated clients, Nexus Investments is focusing on building its core expertise in value added and innovative real estate financing advisory services.  The real location of real estate asset ownership resulting from deleveraging on a large scale has presented the unprecedented opportunities in recent history.


The real location of massive amounts of capital and the redistribution of asset ownership resulting from deleveraging will require, in addition to funding, a renewed emphasis on asset level advisory and management services presenting a significant opportunity for the firms with the most strengths.


As a guiding principle, Nexus Investments believes that successful financial real estate advisors in this environment will be those who are strategically prepared and operationally focused.  The executives at Nexus Investments is committed to utilizing all of the resources and ideas in order to discover value, to maximize returns, and to manage risk.


Nexus Investments is ready to offer a variety of value added services and creative capital market solutions to meet today’s extraordinary real estate financing and management needs.